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After all, what is France if not the land of cheese…. or is it wine? Well, you simply can’t have one without the other, so that must mean both!



Tucked away in a triangle between Narbonne, Perpignan and Carcassonne, the Corbières region is one of the wildest, most unspoilt parts of the Languedoc. From Narbonne, the Mediterranean is only 10 minutes’ drive away, but banish clichéd images of the south of France: the landscape here is dominated by dramatic wetlands as a series of lakes filled with flamingos and herons run parallel to sandy beaches and resorts such as Bages and Peyriac – long favoured by painters and poets.

Start driving inland and the landscape quickly changes to the bare, arid foothills of the Pyrenées, called Les Causses. This is the historic pays Cathare, where high mountain ridges are topped off by spectacular castles, dating back to religious disputes in the Middle Ages.

But the big reason to visit the Corbières today is for the wine and food. Village bistros specialise in hearty cuisine, from the traditional cassoulet to seafood such as squid and cod. Winemakers offer cosy chambres d’hôtes or reasonably priced gîtes. And there has been a winemaking revolution here, with a dynamic new generation of young vignerons, who are now working smaller vineyards – often organic – and creating high-quality wines that, for the moment, offer outstandingly good value.


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Our Cheeses


Ferme de Carrus

Raised free-range in the expansive Corbières mountains of the Languedoc, the fifty-odd white goats of Claire and Jean-Baptiste Gaschard are so at home in their environment that they are barely afraid of people. Visitors to Ferme de Carrus are treated to an excellent selection of artisan goat cheeses, and are encouraged to wander amongst the herd. Ferme de Carrus produces some of the finest “chevre” in the Languedoc; from “fraiches”, to “demi-fraiches”, to ”demi-sec”, to “sec.” Your panier will contain a delightful sample of each of these classic styles, and if time permits, why not take a ride out to see the white-bearded wonders for yourself?


Check out this bunch of cheesy crooners…


Open a bottle and sing along…


Fromagerie Gandolf

Fresh cheeses from Gandolf
Fresh cheeses from Gandolf

Alain Sigaud
Alain Sigaud
Alain Sigaud is a connoisseur, he claims he has cheese to suit your tastes, your menu or mood. And our selection of them aims to echo that.