Fête de Pinart

Our Experts

Julia MacMillan

Julia is co-founder of Panier.

A qualified and experienced marketeer with a strong background in web development and analysis, she started Panier in a bid to see France remain French and its tourist trade feed back into the local economy whilst catering to us busy Anglophones on our hols. Julia lived for 8 years in the region but couldn’t leave her beloved London for ever and now is happy to have a pied-à-terre in both …

Brad White

Breezing in from Boston a while back now, Brad has just never seemed to leave the France he fell in love with. As he says in this vid, shot back in his days at White Crest Wines, he’s “so far from home”. But Panier’s co-founder and resident wine expert, a veritable slave to his trade, reckons it’s worth it!