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In today’s time-short, ethics-conscious society, the demand for convenient, high quality, responsibly sourced food has never been stronger. Enter Panier: a brand new Anglo-French enterprise that’s bringing the very best French fare – from hand-made cheeses to organically produced wine – straight to the doorsteps of Brits holidaying abroad. The idea is simple: food boxes containing a variety of delicious, wholesome products, all locally sourced from the stunning Languedoc region. Thanks to the exacting tastebuds of Panier’s founders, only the best goods pass muster. So customers can rest assured they’re getting a short-cut to the very best of Gallic gastronomy. Your ‘panier’ can be pre-ordered and will be hand-delivered in one convenient package.

Panier launches in Spring 2015, but you can pre-order your foodbox now.

Panier is a friendly UK/France based enterprise, tailored to the needs of holidaymakers in the Languedoc. With bilingual staff based in both countries, we offer premium support and pride ourselves on putting our customers’ needs first.

All you need do is pre-order your ‘panier’ up to a week before your arrival and we will ensure that you are able to sample the true benefits of France’s wonderful culinary tradition, right from your doorstep. Our experience means that we’ve done all the groundwork for you and can assure that you get the most out of your stay in the region.

We are an ethically aware company that would like to see France remain French and its tourist trade feed back into the local economy, encouraging the ancient villages to persist and its marvellous heritage to continue and be enjoyed by all who visit. Panier supports sustainable, organic farming and methods, so reducing food miles and investing in local culture.

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