Vendange, Harvest and Halloween

What better time to launch a business than in Autumn? To harvest the efforts of the past few months and offer it up to the community to share the feast.

It’s a time when we’re most aware of nature. Summer days bled one into the next, and now the sharpness of outdoor smells and a crispness to the air remind us of the rhythms of the earth and our connection to them. It’s difficult to ignore nature’s beauty all around us in the changing colours of our landscape as shorter days draw us inside, around a fire, to crave home cooking and the warmth of the family hearth.

Childhood reveries of bonfires, roasting chestnuts and the pumpkins and apple bobbing of Halloween rise to gently haunt us. Winter’s on the way, but this is a glorious build up when for a short time we relish its nip, still coasting on memories of summer sun….wait till January and the thrill truly turns to chill!

Wherever we live we grow, and harvest, in France the vendange is the name given to the grape harvest. The Languedoc has been harvesting since the days the Romans brought their vines to the region. It’s seen ups and downs in its history, but today it’s an exciting area with winegrowers that still use traditional methods and increasingly have turned to produce organic crops and some of France’s finest wines.

Fête de Pinart

A seed has been planted in the concept of Panier, and we’re hoping you will help us water and nourish it so that next year’s harvest panier is bountiful!

Panier would like you to share our story. It starts right here, right now and if you’re reading this, you’re a part of it….how exciting!